The best SF novel you’ve never read

Back in September 2010, I had the opportunity to attend a few of the panels at Aussiecon 4. One of the panels was called “The best SF novel you’ve never read” and was chaired by three panelists: Claire Brialey, Gail Carriger and Mike Scott. I’d taken some notes during this panel and kept telling people that I would dig them up, so here they are finally. I think I managed to get all of the novels that they discussed.

The blurb for the event went as follows:
More than 350,000 books are published every year. With such a vast amount of material flooding the market across the world, it’s easy for great literature to get lost in the crowd. What are the best under-appreciated novels of the past ten years, the books that – despite immense originality and quality – never found the proper audience. A panel of experts point to some diamonds in the rough.

Feed, M.T. Anderson (YA)
Soon I Will Be Invincible, Austin Grossman
The Brief History of the Dead, Kevin Brockmeier
The Eyre Affair, Jasper Fforde
The Magicians, Lev Grossman (YA, described as “Harry Potter meets Narnia”)
Icarus, Roger Levy
Reckless Sleep, Roger Levy
Union Dues: The Sum of Its Parts, Jeffrey R. DeRego (appears on EscapePod podcast)
The Fortunate Fall, Rafael Carter (described as cyberpunk genre)
Ascent, Jed Mercurio (described as alt history)
Sun, Moon, Ice and Snow, Jessica Day George
Blindsight, Peter Watts (panellist Mike Scott described this one as his favourite of the past decade – also, it’s available as a free download)
Lint, Steve Aylett
Sorcery and Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot: Being the Correspondence of Two Young Ladies of Quality Regarding Various Magical Scandals in London and the Country, Caroline Stevermer & Patricia C. Wrede
Freedom and Necessity, Steven Brust & Emma Bull
Carhullan Army, Sarah Hall
Knowledge of Angels, Jill Paton Walsh
The Carbon Diaries 2015, Saci Lloyd Hachette (YA)
Native Star, M.K. Hobson (described as steampunk genre)
Ysabel, Guy Gavriel Kay
Blue Silence, Michelle Marquardt
Aberystwyth Mon Amour, Malcolm Pryce


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